You read it all over the place, blogging is so important to your business.  But what is blogging?  Why is it important?  And how much time/energy do you put into blogging in order to be a successful blogger? 
Business blogging is a marketing tactic that gets your company more online visibility. It is said to help drive traffic to your website and helps convert website traffic into leads for your company.
Some other benefits of blogging include connecting your website to your visitors by developing relationships with potential and existing customers, establishing your business as an industry leader by showing your expertise,  and sharing relevant information with your customers.  In many ways, it distinguishes your company from your competitors.
To write a successful blog, however, it takes planning, good writing skills, valuable content, and frequency.  It is recommended, at minimum, to blog at least once a week to stay engaged with your audience.  
Now with all the other day-to-day operations, most business owners are tasked with, this seems like a daunting task.  With all the testimonials about how blogging helps your business grow, I believe you should at least attempt to blog, have someone in your office contribute blogging articles to post, or outsourcing your blogging to a professional.  
*Precision Marking Services, opening in 2019, will be offering blogging services.  

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