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Why our team is the best:

Financial Acumen

Our team is characterized by a high level of financial acumen. This trait encompasses a deep understanding of financial principles, a keen analytical mind, and the ability to interpret complex financial data. Our team posses a strong financial acumen to make informed decisions, strategize for the financial health of the organization, and effectively manage resources.

Strategic Vision

Our team possess a strategic vision that extends beyond day-to-day financial operations. We align financial goals with the overall strategic objectives of the organization. This trait involves foresight, the ability to identify opportunities and risks, and a strategic mindset that contributes to the long-term success and sustainability of the business.

Effective Leadership

Our team serves as key leaders within an organization, requiring us to possess strong leadership skills. Our effective CFOs exhibit qualities such as clear communication, collaboration, and the ability to inspire and guide their financial teams. Leadership extends to navigating financial challenges, implementing changes, and fostering a culture of financial responsibility and accountability within the organization.


Our Mission is to empower businesses to thrive and achieve optimal profitability through a diverse range of educational and consulting services focused on financial management, analysis, and decision-making. 


Our staff is committed to providing excellent customer service, accurate and useful information, and connections to local resources. Together, these efforts will ensure the growth of small businesses and increase their success rate. Whether you prefer a more hands on approach to running your business or you prefer to be in the field doing what you love, we are here to assist you where you are needing support.


We also provide referrals to other outstanding resources in our community that have something helpful to offer our customers. We are passionate about our community and believe in supporting local businesses and donate our time to local organizations that provide benefits to small businesses.


Our purpose is to provide operational prowess to our clients so that they may achieve the highest profitability possible. Their achievements are a reflection of our own! At Precision Services, our highest ambition—in the next five years and beyond—is to facilitate the success of hundreds of local small businesses and build a community of entrepreneurial strength!

Awards and Achievements

Nominated for 2019 and 2020 Small Business Champion of The Year – SBDC.

Nominated for Recognition of Excellence in Industry – CS Chamber and EDC.

2020-2021 Athena Leadership Award Nominee