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We understand the struggles business owners face and the amount of work it takes to be a successful business. As we learned how to interpret financials, market our product, network, and continually educate ourselves to be the best in our industry – we decided we wanted to share the information we had learned with others! We did not want to specialize in just one area of running a successful business, but ALL of the systems needed to ensure success for every one of our customers!

As Idea is Born

We believe in the value of having all of your business professionals – Insurance agent, Attorney, and CPA – working together to ensure you get the most knowledgeable information from all aspects of how that information can affect the way you operate your company. We wanted to try to offer a comprehensive list of services all under one roof while focusing on time saving and affordability for our clients. We wanted to make sure that you recieve the same level of professionalism for all services you decide to outsource.

Business Registration

Bookkeeping and Payroll

Marketing Services

Business Insurance

Registered Agent Services

Virtual Office Assistance

Continuing To Grow & Where We Want To Be

We continue to develop new programs and services to help with all aspects of running your business. We will not stop until we know that you can offer everything you need - under one roof.

We plan to expand throughout the US in order to help as many entrepreneurs as possible. We understand that a community of entrepreneurial strength is a benefit to us all


is to facilitate business success and profitability, using a myriad of targeted services. Our goal is to deliver a collaborative effort from our professionals to keep your business running smoothly, efficiently and profitably.

Our staff is committed to providing excellent customer service, accurate and useful information, and connections to local resources. Together, these efforts will ensure the growth of small businesses and increase their success rate. Whether you prefer a more hands on approach to running your business or you prefer to be in the field doing what you love, we are here to assist you where you are needing support.

We also provide referrals to other outstanding resources in our community that have something helpful to offer our customers. We are passionate about our community and believe in supporting local businesses and donate our time to local organizations that provide benefits to small businesses.

Our purpose is to provide operational prowess to our clients so that they may achieve the highest profitability possible. Their achievements are a reflection of our own! At Precision Services, our highest ambition—in the next five years and beyond—is to facilitate the success of hundreds of local small businesses and build a community of entrepreneurial strength!

Awards and Achievements

Nominated for 2019 and 2020 Small Business Champion of The Year – SBDC.

Nominated for Recognition of Excellence in Industry – CS Chamber and EDC.

2020-2021 Athena Leadership Award Nominee