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We understand the struggles business owners face and the amount of work it takes to be a successful business. As we learned how to interpret financials, market our product, network, and continually educate ourselves to be the best in our industry - we decided we wanted to share the information we had learned with others!  We did not want to specialize in just one area of running a successful business, but ALL of the systems needed to ensure success for every one of our customers!

An Idea Is Born

We have the desire to help others be successful in all aspects of running their businesses and wanted to try to offer a comprehensive list of services all under one roof.    We believe in the value of having all of your business professionals - insurance agent, attorney, and CPA - working together to ensure you get the most knowledgeable information from all aspects of how that information can affect the way you operate your company.  We also believe in these services being affordable and easy to coordinate with only one company doing the work for you.

Continuing to Grow

At the end of 2018, our first employees were hired as we gear up for anticipated growth throughout 2019. 

Our bookkeeping and payroll services are kicking off and we are working to hire a full-time CPA by the 3rd Quarter. 

As we start our marketing services, we may outsource some of the services initially, but we hope to have a full-time marketing specialist working directly with our clients by the end of the year.

Where We Want To Be

We strive to develop relationships with our customers that are life long.  We continually incorporate new services that help our customers run their companies more efficiently so that they may be more profitable.  Our customers success stories are our success stories and what drives us to continue our work at Precision Services, Inc.

Our Team

Building Relationships That Last!

Heather McBroom


My professional experience has included 20 years in the insurance industry, 15 years in the legal industry, over 20 years of business management in various industries including construction management, and 15 years of bookkeeping and payroll experience.

My education experience includes computer operations, business management, and a Bachelors in Social Work at CSU-Pueblo.  While I am currently not working in the social work industry, my passion for helping others thrive and contributing to my community continues to show through by commitment to volunteering in our community and giving more to each of my clients than they imagined by doing whatever it takes to help them be successful.

I am blessed with a supportive and loving husband and several children who keep me busy with all their extracurricular activities.  I am also dedicated to being an active and involved parent and love to volunteer at their schools regularly.

Sue Hardy

Insurance CSR

After twenty years as a military wife, I have been a Colorado resident since 1993. My travels have given me many experiences and opportunities for personal and professional growth. Now embarking on a career in the insurance industry, I am grateful to be an integral part Precision Services, while providing comprehensive customer service to our clients. 

In my off time, I enjoy my beloved cats, classical music, writing, walking and porcelain doll making.

We appreciate your interest in our services and hope to provide you with valuable knowledge, connection with local resources, and exceptional services to help your company be more successful and help you create a healthier level of balance in your work/personal lives.  

Please submit your company's information and what services you are interested in or questions you may have and a representative will get back to you within 24 hours.

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