What our customers has to say?

Heather has been a great asset to my company. She has worked diligently on everything I requested of her and found me the best possible rates for all my insurance needs! Two thumbs up!

Mark S.

Colorado Total Container Corp.

Working with Heather for all our insurance needs has been an excellent experience! Heather is always prompt and has worked hard to accomplish all our insurance needs. We will continue working with her firm and recommend her to others!

Tom P.

The Welding Shop on Knob Hill

Heather is very professional and has provided excellent customer service. Communicating with her is always a pleasure!

Tom R.

PC Services

Several years ago I branched out and started my own construction contracting business. Heather and her team were very knowledgeable and approachable to answer all of my questions, both insurance and general business. Next year we hope to have them do our books as well.

Paul R.

PD’s Enterprises

Heather and Precision Insurance Services has provided us with amazing guidance for adapting the best insurance packages for our company, all while providing the best customer service that always goes above and beyond expectation.

Sean W.

Wellness Walk-in Tubs

Since we have an nontraditional business, it was difficult for us to find someone to insure us. Heather wasn't deterred. She contacted 23 companies until she finally found someone who would underwrite us. Amazing customer service!!

Courtney Linn

Business Owner

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